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Trans fats: ban then in New York, Chicago, and your home

27th September 2006

Eating out in New York City is often an indulging expereince regardless of where you are on the halth spectrum. From steak to sushi, New York City restaurants are among the world’s best. But New York City may be messing with a good thing.

New York may prevent restaurants from using trans fats in their recipes. And why not? We know they are unhealthy and we do have alternative:

Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden acknowledged that the ban would be a challenge for restaurants, but he said trans fats can easily be replaced with substitute oils that are far less unhealthy.

“It is a dangerous and unnecessary ingredient,” Frieden said. “No one will miss it when it’s gone.”

I think that cities like New York and Chicago are doing the right thing. The city’s job is to look out for the health of their people and forcing restaurants to replace dangerous products with safe ones is a step in the right direction.

In Canada, some parties are calling for a national ban to save lives and reduce healthcare costs. You’ll also want to check your kitchen. Do you really want to cook with an ingredient invented in a chemist’s labratory in 1903?

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