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Traveling abroad for healthcare

27th April 2006

I’ve known for a long time that Thailand is famous for cosmetic surgery resorts and sex change operations. It seems that more countries want to benefit from medical tourism. They call it medical value travel in India alhtough many people feel that India does not yet have the infrastructure to support world-class healthcare.

As one of the most technologically advanced countries, medical tourism in Singapore means high quality care at higher prices than you’d pay in India or Thailand.

I have no experience traveling abroad for healthcare, but the competition for medical tourism seems healthy to me as hospitals will try to improve and win more customers. I just hope the focus is on improving care rather than marketing.

One Response to “Traveling abroad for healthcare”

  1. Gu Yoon Says:

    For medical tourism I believe that there is no other place better than Cuba and South Korea. Cuba as many people know that their health insurance policy and its medications are ridiculously cheap. South Korea on the other hand, plastic surgery and its cosmo is one of the leading countries in Asia. No wonder that superstars all across Asia visit Korea just to have an operation.