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Two views on how to tone muscles

13th April 2006

I want to share this question (recently posted on a sports message board) about how to increase muscle tone. The first response is the typical one. The second response makes more sense to me. 

Question: I have been lifting and exercising religiously over the past eight months. I have gained a lot of muscle, but am having difficulty getting the tone that I am looking for. Just wondering if anyone has any topnotch workout routines. I am desperate for suggestions!

Response 1: if you want tone do light weight, more reps. I would do 12-15 reps each set, with light weight. If you want bulk, do heavy weight, less reps.

Response 2: the only way to “tone” your muscles is to lose body fat. Don’t listen to people who tell you to go with high reps at low weight, it does nothing to tone at all. The only way to gain more definition is to burn off the fat around the muscles. So eat a little less and exercise a little more. There’s no other way to do it.

One Response to “Two views on how to tone muscles”

  1. tuanomsoc Says:

    If by tone you mean a cut look, it’s body fat. Look at a 135-pound guy who is doing sets of four reps each, trying to bulk. He looks cut, but that’s because he has no body fat. It has little to do with his workout. With less body fat, whatever your muscles are going to look like, you’re going to see them in greater detail.