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US consumers will soon be buying chicken processed in China

4th September 2013

But they won’t know it was processed in China. Just another example of the FDA not caring about the health and safety of Americans.

That’s a big problem. For more than a decade, China has earned a reputation as one of the world’s worst food-safety offenders. In just the last year, consumers have been confronted with a bird flu outbreak, news of sales of 46-year-old chicken feet and reports of poisonous fake mutton. These are not isolated incidents, but rather the most spectacular instances of a crisis that has become so severe that some consumers now smuggle quantities of infant milk formula from foreign countries into China so as to avoid buying potentially tainted Chinese dairy products…. As of December 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported that it had received reports of 501 dog deaths (and thousands of dog sicknesses), many seemingly from chicken jerky treats manufactured in China…

Don’t think that the FDA doesn’t have its reasons. Someone is hoping that China will allow the US to start exporting beef and stuff to its billion plus citizens. That’ll be nice for the cattle owners in America, but a few of us will probably get poisoned to make it possible. Hope it’s worth it.

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