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US vs. Canadian pharmacy prices

6th October 2011

Many Ameircans are looking to the internet for affordable Canada drugs. The reason? Prescription drugs in America are too expensive. America is, in fact, #1 in the world when it comes to prescription drug costs.

The results are both good and bad, though for the person paying for their prescription we’ll go with bad. Plus pharmaceutical companies spent $855 million lobbying American politicians. That means the drug companies spend more than anyone else when it comes to buying votes in Washington DC.

But to say nothing good comes of it is somewhat myopic. Drug companies make lots of money in the US and therefore American drug companies lead the world when it comes to inventing new drugs.

Americans, though, are sick of paying for the lobbying and for the drug company profits and stock dividends. So they look to online pharmacies and buy the same drugs for less money. So what kind of savings are we looking at?

The most recent numbers I could find come from 2002 (and the AARP). Drugs in America were, again in 2002, 67 percent above average Canadian prices. That’s a significant difference so why pay the American price when your money will be going toward a little R&D and a lot of vote buying in Washington DC?

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