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Vegetables that get more or less pesticides + a workout system

24th April 2011

Two good articles I want to share:

Veggies = This one has me thinking I should be washing my strawberries in dish detergent (well a water / detergent solution with heavy rinsing involved).

Exercise = This one talks about complexes focusing on max strength, explosive strength, and speed strength.

One Response to “Vegetables that get more or less pesticides + a workout system”

  1. Goldie Heinandez Says:

    One of the biggest reasons for why many people are overweight is because of their improper eating habits. Instead of dinning at fast food restaurants or eating precooked meals and foods, use fresh foods and cook a wide variety of foods to give your body healthy nutrients. Be sure you include many vegetables and some meat for protein. Stay away from using fatty oils and too many carbohydrates, as this won’t help you experience natural weight loss.