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Very durable treadmill advice

21st February 2007

A friend of mine recently asked for treadmill brand recommendations because he wants a very durable walking / running machine. A few people weighed in with some advice:

Rocky: I have a Spirit FlexFold in my office and never had any problems with it. Cost around $1200 about 5 years ago. Went shopping for treadmills for the home this Christmas but couldn’t find anything I liked in a limited search. COSTCO had a decent one for about $800. One thing I can caution you about is that you have to check the electrical connections, not all treadmills use standard household outlets, you may need an electrician if you don’t buy the type that fits your house’s electrical system, usually 220, 221 whatever it takes…

John: NordicTrak makes some great treadmills, and they’re decently priced. You can get a good new one for around $700. I have an older model, the NordicTrak 2000, and I’ve had no problems with it. I use it regularly too, and often run 8-10 miles.

Theodore: I have a NordicTrak 1000 exp. that i bought at Sears 4 years ago and still use it regularly, never any problems, one of my better buys.

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