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Vin Diesel workout information

17th June 2009

Pretty tough finding information on Vin Diesel’s workouts. Ive gathered online that he likes free weights, compound movements, yoga, and pilates.

I also found that he has trained in MMA, specifically Kali.

Q: What is your Riddick workout?

VIN: The Riddick workout started before I went up there. I was training with a UFC guy, Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter. I got up there two months early and started training in a fighting style called Kali, which originated in Spain and was then brought to the Philippines by Spanish traders. It’s a fighting style that’s just now beginning to catch wind. It’s a fighting style that calls for ambidextrous, two-handed fighting. And that’s what we studied. I went up two months early to learn this fighting style.

Seems to me that this will help with he chiseled look cause you burn lots of calories training combat sports and Vin Diesel obviously has low bodyfat for that physique. I don’t know what he did to build muscle and proportion his body but I’m still looking.

To me, Vin Diesel’s body is not all that different from Ross Enemait’s body.

This guy is a trainer who also likes free weights and compound movements. I have all three of his books and recommend them.

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