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Weight Loss Supplements and Meal Replacement

1st March 2007

Everybody wants to know what to eat and what supplements to use. I am not a certified nutritionist and as a certified personal trainer, I find this area the trickiest to deal with. Everyone’s body is different, what works for some may not work for others, some people have allergic reactions to some foods, some people just won’t take something that doesn’t taste good. As a disclaimer I strongly urge you to consult your physician before starting any diet plan or taking any kind of supplement.

My policy has always benn to recommend what works for me, the following suggestions adhere to that policy:

For Breakfast I recommend Labrada’s “Lean Body Breakfast”.
40 grams of protein
35g Whole Carbs
7g fat
3g sugar

This is what I call the “Cadillac” of protein shakes. It’s a little more expensive, higher in carbs and fat than others but it supplies the necessary energy to get through the morning. Packed with vitamins from A-Zinc, pleasant tasting (comes in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry and Banana) and not too coarse so it mixes easily, use this as your first or second mael of the day.

Now you should be getting 6 meals a day, small meals about every 3 hours. If you are training with weights (which you should be) you’re gonna need to get about 1.5 g of protein for every lb of body weight. So if youi weigh 200lbs, you’ll need 300g of protein to add lean muscle. This isn’t easy when trying to cut back on portion size so you’re gonna need a cheaper bulk container of Whey protein. Look around online (I use for discounted whey protein (alweys check the expiration date before you buy or when you receive products from online sites). Whey protein comes in several different flavors and can be used 2 or 3 times a day combined with fruit or cottage cheese.

My main food replacement supplement is “old reliable” Champion Ultramet (red box)

41g protein
23g carbs
3g fat
3g sugar

Comes in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. When mixed with water and ice or skim milk is thick enough to be a meal on it’s own. Keeps me full until my next “refueling” 3 hours later.

Losing weight is just basically common sense, motivation and knowledge of what you can substitute for the bad things you’re eating. I work in 12 week programs, it’s almost March. If you get serious now, you’ll be ready by June.

I only recommend what works for me, Body for Life by Bill Phillips. Buy the book, read the book, adapt it to your own personal preferences. I teach my own variation of Phillips philosophy to all my weight loss clients. Depending on how much you have to lose, 40lbs in 3 months is not uncommon…

Oh and drink more water…

This was a guest article emailed to me anonymously. Thanks and keep the articles coming to if you want to share your own tips.

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