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18th January 2007

I’m back from vacation and have some good health articles for you. These articles seem to be high quality ones on interesting health topics. There’s one about Qigong, a centuries old Chinese practice that includes “physical postures, motion, breathing techniques, and mental focus” in the Asian health culture section.

This section also has an article on the Japanese art of Reiki, which of course is gaining popularity throughout the world. I had heard a little bit about this from a colleague of mine who is into Reiki. She sometimes tells me about her sessions. She gives and receives because Reiki is best when there’s some sort of energy exchange going on although I’m told this could mean one person cooking dinner and the other one performing the Reiki.

Anyway, Reiki is a laying on of hands so that energy flows through one person’s palms and heals the other person (because they get more energy or something). It sounds like something I’d only try if I were in the mood for a nap because otherwise I think I might get bored.

There’s also a category on natural healthcare products with articles on all-time favorites like Himalayan salt and cannabis. I’m adventurous enough to give the first one a try. I think the second one is still illegal but I hear it helps you sleep and I really like this article on the importance of sleep. I read a few months ago about an NFL offensive lineman who started sleeping better and was able to add 10 pounds of muscle and elevate his game. Good sleep really can make your life better.

Anyway, it’s a good site with some interesting articles.

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