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What is the best protein bar in terms of grams (g) of protein and taste?

20th May 2007

I don’t want to sacrifice too much protein to get a bar that tastes great, but I don’t want to be eating something that tastes like concrete mix. I don’t want too much sugar in my protein bar either. It’s the amount of sugar in the bar that you have to look out for.

1) Cliff’s Builders Bar has 19 Grams of protein. Not entirely healthful, there is a fair amount of saturated fat. The proteing source is mainly soy. Taste good, and come in four different types. An acquaintance of mine is going through chemotherepy for cancer treatment, and still trying to work out. Refered him to this Cliff’s Builders Bar and it’s about the only one that he finds palatable enough to keep down. It’s like 25% of RDA of saturated fat or some such. So if you only eat one or two you’re OK. If you ate like six or seven it’s probably not a good thing.

2) Detour Bars by Designer Whey are pretty good, and I always like a Balance Bar when I am in a pinch for a quick snack. Today I just tried one of those 42 Gram Protein Shots that are out now – Great boost of Protein to spike a meal if you’re trying to intake at least a gram per pound of bodyweight but the taste leaves alot to be desired. Anyway, Detour bars are pretty good and they make low sugar ones that taste ok. The peanut caramel tastes like a snickers. Detour bars were rated best protein bar like 5 years in a row, very high quality protein and very healthy. Instead of sugar they use sugar alcohol.. keeps it tasting good but healthy because ur body doesn’t digest sugar alcohol.

3) DeFranco Energy Bar was created by DeFranco who trains NFL athletes.

4) Nitro Tech is my favorite.

5) Out of the 10+ brands I tried Universal Hi-Protein Fudge Brownie bars are the best, bar none. Taste delicious, they’re soft enough to where you won’t struggle to chew them, and they pack 33g of protein (300 cals) in one bar. They also have the best deal price-wise, as $22-26 dollars (depending on the site and how hard you want to Froogle) gets you 16 bars, as opposed to 12. The brownie is damn good for a protein bar, though. I would think the peanut butter is on the same level (never tried it), just comes down to if you like peanut butter and chocolate or straight up chocolate more.

Other bars off the top of my head that I tried (Protein Grams):
Universal Animal Snak (32g) – it’s a got a great peanut butter taste, and the bar is soft so its easy to eat, but the bars are absolutely loaded with sugar
Met-Rx Protein Plus Peanut Butter (32g) – decent taste but really hard to chew the damn things
Met-Rx Protein Plus Chocolate Chunk (32g) – see above; decent taste but hard as a rock, making it an annoyance to eat
Detour (30g) – these bars are dry as hell and require at least one full bottle of water to finish
Pure Protein Brownie, Smores (32g) – Brownie was dry, Smores was atrocious
Met-Rx Colossal 100 (35-40g) – Tried the cookie dough bar , tasted like unsweetened cookie dough. These things are meal replacements, however, and contain a ton of carbs, fats and calores

6) The U-Turn is also very good – sister product to the Detour bar is the U-Turn, which is more like a Three Musketeers bar. I preferred that to the Detour.

7) Pure Protein blueberry and strawberry shortcake bars are really good. I must be the only one who hates those Detour bars I really didn’t like them. They tried to be a Snickers, but something is really off to the point where I can’t eat them at all anymore. I know the general consensus seems to favor them though.

8) Concrete mix: I tried some protein bars but agree they taste like gunk. I just get some whey scoops in a drink easier, tastes better. But for energy, Oatmeal Raisin Power Bars (any supermaket) are awesome. Bout 40 Carbs, 10 g protein, loads of B vitamins.

2 Responses to “What is the best protein bar in terms of grams (g) of protein and taste?”

  1. tuanomsoc Says:

    You want a taste that, even if it isn’t the best ever, doesn’t get old when you eat the same bar every day. Like you, I found the Pure Protein Brownie and Smores (and Chocolate) to be terrible. The Blueberry and Strawberry flavors are weird and dry, also. However, their Peanut Butter flavor can be eaten every day, and their Chocolate Chip bar is EXCELLENT.

    Pure Protein bars come in the ~30g and the ~20g sizes. I can get the ~20g size on sale for 1$ apiece at Ralph’s (in California). When I find them at that price, I buy them out. It’s 20g of protein, they use sugar alcohols, and the taste is great. I have just under 100 Chocolate Chip bars in my possession right now.

    Anyway, given that the bar is advertised as low carb and has perhaps the most protein per dollar as well as a good taste, I would say that you can’t go wrong with a Pure Protein Chocolate Chip bar.

    You know what I can’t find? A real potassium supplement. The pills at the health food store are 3% each. I could get that from standing next to the bananas in the grocery store. What a crock!

  2. LEO Says: