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Where to buy Cordyceps sinensis strain Cs-4

1st May 2006

This may be a question a few people are interested in, so I’m going to reprint an email I received and my reply regarding a supplement that I take designed to “promote stamina and vitality while reducing fatigue.” It’s natural and healthy (it comes from mushroom roots) and I know it’s popular with athletes. Cordyceps Cs-4 is for people “with busy, hectic lifestyles, athletes, the elderly, and those desiring increased vitality without the use of stimulants.”

I am a subscriber of Dr. Mark Stengler’s newsletter. In it he recommends two herb’s that sound like they can help me and other family members. One is a standardized water / ethanol extract from fermented mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis strain Cs-4. It is called Cordyceps but has to use Cs-4 extract from a reputable manufacturer which he names Pharmanex as one.

The other herb is Sepia, uses for female problems. Please send me information on both these products, also price and dosage amount.

Thank you…(name deleted)

No problem – can you send me some more information on the newsletter? Regarding Cordyceps Cs-4 Mushroom Mycelia (Mycelia is the underground part of the mushroom), the product I use is Cordymax (made by Pharmanex). A container has 120 capsules and I take 2 capsules/twice a day. This means I end up buying a new container every month. At $19.48 it’s probably the least expensive vitamin/supplement I take. The price might be different if you don’t live in the US.

Also, I recommend taking a look at other Pharmanex products. I personally take LifePak, Marine Omega, ReishiMax, Bone formula, Cartilege Formula, and IgG Boost. By the way, to get the price I pay you need to sign up and order online. You can do this for free through my site – and I can help you sign up if you need me. You can get an even better deal with automatic delivery (a new bottle every month). Well I hope that helps you. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions or need help registering to order online.

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