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Why do so many people dismiss strength training?

10th March 2009

I hear crazy things from people around me. One woman wants to lose weight by eating less because she doesn’t want to exercise. She doesn’t like running and she’s afraid weights will make her arms huge.

One of my students was riding an exercise bike 2 hours a day to rehab from a car accident that messed up her leg. She quit because her leg muscles were getting too big.

Strength training is good for pretty much everyone. This study (from another health blog) shows how strength training helped senior citizens.

Fact is we can benefit from lifting some weight (or doing pullups, pushups, and other bodyweight stuff). You don’t have to do the Randy Couture workout or anything, but even if a woman did she wouldn’t immediately get huge.

Just checkout my DB snatch page. This woman is doing 20 pounds (I have never gone that high) – she doesn’t look unreasonably buff or anything.

So yeah, do your Tai Chi – it’s great stuff. But don’t ignore the more intense strength training. Men, women, young, and old can all benefit from it.

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