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Willie Gault’s healthspan: training or genes?

2nd May 2009

Good article here, an inspiring article, on Willie Gault. He was a world class sprinter and NFL wide receiver in his 20s. He still is a world class sprinter in his 40s. Pretty amazing.

I don’t know what to make of the 1500 crunches – conventional wisdom says a little variety would be nice. He benches 225 x10 (and does 3 sets) which is pretty good for a guy who is 175-180 pounds.

Obviously anyone who gets on an Olympic team has good genes but clearly some of Willie’s success comes from his training regimen. I just wish we had more details.

We know he eats organic food, not too much, and eats fish but not meat. He works out 4 days a week with HSI – apparently a professional track club. He does less weight training than the younger sprinters but does at least benches and squats. And we know at least once in a while he does a rediculous number of crunches.

That’s more than we know about Brian Leetch, the last athlete I thought I’d use for inspiration.

3 Responses to “Willie Gault’s healthspan: training or genes?”

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  2. Carrie Johnson Says:

    Willie”s Athletes for Life foundation is a complete scam. He came to Oaklhoma and hired us as nurses and never paid any one. He owes people money all over the country. When the tried ot collect he and a guy named Mitchell J stein sue every one cleiming they stole money and requiring them to pay for lawyers to defend themselves against false allegation. Willie is a complete loser. He made a fool out of himself in from of the labor board in van nuys california trying to sue a good person named marco kostic and others. Steve cantrell lied and cheated on his wife with me in ada. Who care is the guy is fast. He give african americans athletes a bad wrap. He has been lying and stealing his entire life….that explains his “running” all the time. Willie how do you sleep at night? You want be running once your in jail son.

  3. Alex Says:

    They should both face charges for the scams they are involved in. What a waste with Willie! A Georgia born success story that went sour and easily influenced by a conartist name Mitchell J Stein who dodges any court case that he doesn’t think he has a shot at winning. I’m already thinking about the Google search of him dodging child support and he has another paternity suit against him in California. You’d think that people would know and recognize these people for what they are by now. Willie is a disappointment.