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Yoga after waking up & before bed (plus chocolate & babies)

25th April 2007

I took yoga in college and it was my favorite class. My wife and I are going to pick out yoga mats and then we should be good to go. I figure a few minutes after waking up to get limber and a few minutes before bed to calm down should be ideal.

Yoga is almost always in the news. A quick search today pulled up a yoga / chocolate class. Now I’m biased because I don’t like chocolate, but are you kidding me? Since when is snacking on chocolate part of a healthy lifestyle?

They don’t give the yoga babies chocolate at least. “The classes are a wonderful way to bond with a baby and to give infants and tots the exercise they need.” Not only that, but there are poses that can relieve gas or constipation (yoga has to be better than Baby Zantac for constipation), improve sleep, and even a set of “magic poses” that can help calm a crying baby.

I’m definitely ready to get back to doing yoga. It was my favorite class in college and it should help me relax and become more flexible now.

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